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The Death of the Seventh King (Benedict XVI)

Benedict XVI

The death of Pope Benedict XVI on December 31st 2022 is an important event, it marks the death of the seventh king in the book of the Apocalypse, chapter 17. Chapter 17 is where it is explained that the Beast, the Woman and the Whore of Babylon are of one mind, they work together against Christ and His Church. In my book, (Fatima, The Pope and America), I look into who these three are. It would appear that Pope Benedict the XVI is the Seventh King.

Pope Benedict doing the devil’s horns (FALSE)

Pope Benedict doing the devil’s horns…this is a deception!

You may have seen this picture used and reused across the internet where it looks like Pope Benedict is giving the sign of the devil’s horns.  But a closer look shows a deception!

f you look closely at his left hand, you will see a trace of a black under garment just behind his wrist but on his right hand it does not show.