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Third Secret of Fatima was never going to be released before the Great Tribulation that our Lady warmed us about in Fatima, Portugal. What I am about to show you will not be easy for most of you to grasp at first. There will be a certain amount of cognitive dissidence that will set in at first but in time it will wear off, if you so choose.

For a detailed list of events regarding the Fatima apparition, click here: https://www.latinritemass.org/our-lady-of-fatima/ but for our purposes, here is a quick summary of the events:

Third Secret

Sister Lucia


Beginning in late 1916, three children from the village of Fatima, Portugal were visited by, what they described, as an Angel. This Angel prepared them for the Sacraments, especially for the Sacrament of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. In May of 1917 The Blessed Virgin Mary, started to appear to the Children on the 13th of every month for 6 consecutive months with the October 13th being the final appearance that ended with the Great Miracle of The Sun. After the Miracle of the Sun, the two younger children, Fancisco and Jacinta died of the flu as our Lady had promised them to go to Heaven. Lucia, became a nun in Tuy Spain, where she continued to have visions of Our Lady and was given three secrets to be published. The Third Secret to be opened by the Pope of 1960, and the Pope was to reveal the Secret and do what it said. Now, according to many, including Fr. Malachy Martin, the message was an either or. We are, apparently, now living the "or".

Pope John XXIII failed to release the Third Secret


This is where we now have a perspective that we did not have in 1960. Since the failure of Pope John XXIII to reveal the third Secret and countless efforts by Priests like Fr. Gruner and various layity to have the Vatican release the Third Secret,  we now have the luxury of reflecting back with hind sight. The glaring question is rather obvious, even if not easily recognized. If our Blessed Lord, wanted the Secret revealed in 1960, did He not know in advance that it would not be revealed, is He not one with our God the Father and is the Father not outside of time? So why would our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, who is God,  request something He knew would not happen?

To better make my points, I wish to bring to your attention a book by the title "The Medium is the Message". This was very interesting read, it has mostly to do with advertising and here is a  simple synopsis; The way or mode of communicating the message can be more powerful than the message. So now let us look at the facts. In 1960 Pope John XXIII disobeyed a commandment from Heaven, what does that say about the man? John XXIII was a known Freemason, a member of the Lodge, John XXIII also called the Second Vatican Council and we have been scourged by that event ever since. So Now, I ask you, does it really matter what was in the actual Secret, or does the event itself tell us everything we need to know about John XXIII?

Vatican II


But the Miracle of the Sun, is a much more significant event and one that only after understanding the 1960 event can be explained and understood. The same process must be used, the question must be asked, why the dancing, moving sun for a miracle? Any number of miracles could have been performed, it could have been a geyser shooting water out of the Earth, or it could have been that everything went dark, then light again, it could have been that the trees turned blue then gold, the number of possibilities is infinite, why the sun  and all of its gyrations? It would seem that once again, the medium says more than the message and this is where things become very difficult for many.

The Miracle of the Sun, was the sign to say, look to the sun, if you understand the sun and how it works, you will see through the great deception that the world was about to fall into. The great deception, is that the Earth is a stationary plane, not a spinning ball or globe. The lie that has been perpetuated by the Mason's to asurp control over the people of the whole Earth. In 100 years, the population of the world went from believing that the Earth was a flat plane, to believing that they live on a spinning ball, a ball that rotates at a 1046 MPH, that the sun is 93 million miles away, when in actuality, it is under 10,000 miles in the sky, we are surrounded by a firmament, that many call a dome. NASA never went to the moon, in fact the entire NASA program is a gigantic hoax. This is the Third Secret of Fatima, that the Great Deception spoke by our Lord Jesus would be revealed, a deception so great, so vast that our Blessed Lord Jesus says "even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible". Now, do you consider yourself one of the "elect", I don't and it would be foolish for you to do so as well. When the Son of God says that the deception would be so great that "even the elect would be deceived", do not be so proud to think that you are one of the elect. We have all been deceived!

This is not just a US deception, this is a world wide deception, ALL governments are in! The US, RUSSIA, Japan, China, UK, EU, Australia and so on, they are all pushing their "space programs", that are completely fake. We are all living under a world wide government that controls the populous by lies and deceit, robs them of their money by claiming they can travel to space and planets that don't exist.

The Fake Globe


Proof you ask? It is all around us... Water must have a container, otherwise it flows until it finds one. Yet, on a spinning ball, the water is held by "magic gravity", yet bubbles can easily overcome the sheer power of "gravity". Or perhaps it is the Sun that is 93,000,000 miles away, a gigantic burning ball of gases operating in a "near perfect vacuum"? The Earth is a stationary plane, the sun and moon rotate above the Earth, the stars are twinkling lights, there are no planets, those are wondering stars. The evidence is so numerous, so over whelming that is gives pause as to why one did not see it before.

The Earth as it is, flat and surrounded by an ice wall!


Everything you know, everything you have been taught is a lie. The Banks own you, the Catholic Church is underground, what you see in the Catholic Church is but a shell! You happily teach your children to believe in "Santa Clause", which the word Santa is an anagram for Satan. You allow your children to be called "kids" not even understanding "kid" refers to the off spring of a goat. You are living the deception that is described in the book of Revelation.


All of this is a punishment from God!


Want more proofs? click here

6 thoughts on “Third Secret of Fatima Never Meant To Be Released

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  2. Darrell Wright

    Joao, have you seen sisterlucytruth.org? And also whitesmoke1958.com? I think all the evidence points to John XXIII being the first in a series of anti-popes, the spiritual chastisement preceding the physical one still to come. And did you know Pius XII read the 3rd Secret on May 13, 1957? This 3 min 40 sec segment of an important series of interviews is very revealing: youtube.com/watch?v=1-lvHTJsL6o
    Ave Maria!

    1. admin

      yes, well aware of sisterlucytruth.org and recommend everyone study that! I am aware of the events of the election of 1958 but did not know about this site, will check it out for sure. It is very possible that Pius XII read the secret for it was taken to the Vatican in some time in summer of 1957. The issue I have with that is that, it was not for the Pope to reveal the contents, although Sister Lucia clearly wanted to the Pope to read it. The Third Secret was supposed to be revealed by the Bishop of Leiria in 1960 or upon the death of Sister Lucia, which ever came first. If upon the death of Bishop DaSilva, it would fall upon the Patriarch of Lisbon, it was never for the Pope to release the Third Secret. But if you want to understand how the election of Pope John XXIII, the Third Secret of Fatima read my book, https://joao.machado-family.com/books

      1. Darrell Wright

        After Pius XII read it on May 13, 1957 as that youtube segment says, I think the infiltrators surrounding him went into high gear in their plan to gradually poison him, as they did to Padre Pio just before the traditional Mass was replaced. padrepioandchiesaviva,com has an article on that but their site has been under attack for over 6 months now, no pdfs can be seen. All 4 parts of the Siri interviews with Gary Giuffre are worth listening to. Much of it is in article form at whitesmoke1958.com but some things in the interviews can be found nowhere else, e.g. his personal dealings with the double agent Malachi Martin (in some of the comments it says where that is).

  3. odriono

    so lying to us is our punishment for what? what did we do? so we are supposed to go along with the lie here? doesn’t make any sense.

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