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You only need to watch the first 10 minutes of this video. Global Economic Reset is coming in October 14th 2014 (maybe).

I predict that the stock market will crash when it reaches 17,170!  (Kinda of failed…but read the update at the bottom.)

Must watch video!

 Numerology and “compressing numbers”. Any number can be reduced to a single number by
summing up all of the numbers, then if the result is still more than one number, sum them again!
Example: 9+9+9 = 27, 2+7 = 9  So nine is the final result.

  • The conference took place on January 15th 2014 (1+1+5 = 7) (2+0+1+4 = 7)
  • The video started 7 seconds before the start of the conference.
  • Angela Greiling-King says she is the 106th President of the Press Club( 1+0+6 = 7 )
  • There were 16 panel members (1+6 = 7)
  • Christine Lagarde is the 7th speaker from the left.
  • Christine Lagarde began her speach almost at exactly 7 minute mark.
  • Christine Lagarde starts by stating (jokingly) that “she clearly failed”,
    an odd thing to say as the head of the IMF even if it was regarding her time to speak.
  • “2014 A milestone and hopefully a magic year” (2+1+4 = 7)
  • 2014 marks anniversaries for the following:
    100 years since WWI (1+0+0 = 1) 1
    70 years since Bretton Woods Conference (7+0 = 7) 7
    25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (2+5 = 7) 7
    7 year anniversary of start of the financial crash of 2008 (7 = 7) 7
    1777 was the year that the American Revolution against Britain started!
  • After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile, we have seven strong years”.
    This is clearly a reference to the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery to Egypt,
    where Joseph interprets the kings dreams about the 7 fat cows and the seven skinny
    cows which symbolized 7 years of good harvest followed by 7 years of famine.
    Christine reverses the story, does she mean that the coming 7 years are actually the
    weak and fragile years?
  • G7 or the G20? Is 7/20/2014 the date?It is interesting, at the time of this conference,
    Russia had not yet been kicked out of the G8, so there would be no reason say it is the G7.
    It appears that 7/20 is a date but it is not July 20th. It is October 14th, 2014, remember at the
    beginning, she wished everyone a “Happy New Lunar Year”, the lunar year in 2014
    started April 1st 2014. 7/20/2015 in the Lunar calendar is October 14, 2014!


The high Holy Days of Judaism is the following for the Gregorian 2014 calendar:

  • Rosh Hashanah = September 24th
  • Yom Kippur = October 3-4
  • Sukkot = October 8th (also the second blood moon of 2014/2015 tetrad)
  • Shemini Atzenet/Simchat Torah = October 15-17


Sukkot, lasts for 7 days, October 8th plus 7 is October 15th. October 15th in Israel but October 14th in New york. (10 hrs diff)



On January 15th 2014, the head of the WEF (World Economic Forum) announces that
the world needs a “reset” button! Coincidence? I think NOT!


UPDATE 09/01/2014:  An interesting story came out on August 29, 2014. The Executive directors of the IMF “expressed confidence in its managing director, Christine Lagarde” amidst the corruption charges in France. If she resigns in the next two weeks, then confidence is high that the she is being protected and shielded from the coming collapse at the end of September by “having to resign”.

UPDATE 09/10/2014: I have changed the date to October 14th, 2014  because when I ran the date of 07/20/2014 through the Lunar-Gregorian Calendar converter, I had it set for 2013 and did not realize it. The correct converted date is 10/14/2014.

UPDATE 09/15/2014: I just realized October 14th is the next day after the 97th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima apparition in Portugal. Now, if you have not heard of this apparition, I recommend you look it up. Here is a video the will give you the highlights.
Of course I hate to even bring it up, but 9+7=16, 1+6=7  This is just getting way too crazy!




UPDATE 09/17/2014: So, one of my tongue and cheek predictions was that the stock market would crash when it hit 17,170. This is based on whole numbers fetish these people have. So I have been watching the market everyday just to see what happens. Wouldn’t you know it, today the DOW went over 17,170 but finished off at 17,156. So I thought to my self… Prediction fail!!!! Until I realized today is the 17th!  and to  boot, 9/17 can be compressed to 9+7 = 16, 1+6= 7

Oh…these people are sick!


UPDATE 09/23/2014: Georgia Guide Stones Updated with 2014 date stone.


UPDATE: 10/14/2014: Well, today the stock market did not exactly crash, it did however fall almost a thousand points finishing at 16,315. Now, we will have to see if on Friday the 17th anything manifests itself. Note, the market closing at 16,315 does add up to 7!  1+6+3+1+5=16, 1+6=7

UPDATE: 11/25/2014: The Georgia Guide Stones got the corner stone that was added on earlier this year removed… Wonder why???


Watch more about the coming chastisement:



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