This blog post is about how Population, Immigration and the economy are all intertwined.

It is my intention to show how the population, immigration and the economy are headed into a calamity.


In order to better explain myself regarding population, immigration and the economy, allow me to tell you a little about myself. When I was in high school, I knew that the automotive field was for me, especially when after viewing a recruitment film from the school I eventually decided to enter. When I moved away to “tech” school, I began reading anything and everything I could get my hands on relating to my field of choice. I would absorb figures, data, history of all things auto and diesel related. Where as in High school I had no desire to read, I now could not get enough. I believe this was because I had a keen interest in learning this particular field, it was unknown to me, it was exciting learning something new. This eventually led me to a path of learning new things when something of interest came before me.

This was the case when I heard a gentleman by the name of Steven W. Mosher discuss the topic of over population and in particular how China came to have a “One Child Policy”. His personal encounter with China as they transitioned to the now infamous “One Child Policy” in the late 1970’s, set me on a course of sidebar learning for the last ten years. In order for the reader better understand my vantage point, I wish to explain the method of my madness.

Soon after leaving my vocational school of choice, I ended up getting a job as an automotive technician with a Japanese car dealership. This really scared me, the engines looked so different, they appeared to be too complex, all of the gobs of vacuum hoses everywhere, the engine was sideways etc.

But I soon found that there was a method, and orderly way that this was done. Every hose was marked with a number, that corresponded with an index in the shop manual that then gave a description of the function and how to diagnose it. So in this I learned that the more complicated something man made is, there must be a method or reason for how it works.

Shortly after working at this car dealership, I met my future wife. As we began to get to know each other, the idea of marriage started to enter my mind. I now started to wonder if marriage was truly for me and I decided to start making some contemplations. The more I wondered, the more I was confused, I just did not know if marriage was for me until one day while driving in the country, through vineyards, the idea came to me. I need to remove all clutter from my thinking and reduce everything to it most basic form. I first looked at myself and asked, what are you made for? The answer came to me as loud as could be, to provide! My body was designed to work, to build to fix to learn, I knew I was meant to be married because in marriage I could fulfill my vocation as a provider.

Soon after my revelation, I came to realize that this pattern of reducing my question to the most simplest form was actually what I learned from my training in the automotive schooling. During my schooling, one of the fundamental teaching of auto and diesel diagnostics is that no matter how different an engine may look from the next, when it does not start you have to get back to basics. The basics for an internal combustion engine are very simple; suck, squeeze, bang, blow! This little play on words we learned in school was to remind us that all engines require air and fuel to enter the engine (suck), compression of the air fuel mixture (squeeze), ignition of the air fuel mixture (bang) and the expelling of the burnt gases through the exhaust (blow). No matter who makes the engine, how old or how new, or how many gadgets are attached to that engine, all internal combustion engines must follow these 4 cycles, if one is missing, the engine will not start. From there, one can find the cause of any engine that will not start.

The same holds true for any question or problem in life, reduce it to the most simplest form and you will find your answer. Example; Let’s say you want to know if Jesus is the son of God, normally there may be many people that can give you the answer but instead, start by asking yourself…Is Jesus a real person? Your answer can only be yes or no. If you answer yes then the next step is to find out what He has to say and when you read all that Jesus has spoken, you have to ask yourself, is this man who He says He is or is He just crazy? You get the picture, each answer you get will lead to another question until you find the truth.

Let’s start with some questions shall we? Why does our US Government want to give amnesty to all of the illegal aliens in the US? Do we have an “over population” problem? Why is 2016 so important? Why is training for “Zombie” attacks happening all over the nation? ( Why are families breaking down? Why the big push for the gay agenda? Why is the economy failing or about to fail?

What, economy about to fail? Everyone is saying how it is recovering so well, how home prices going up etc. Well, I am fairly confident that this will not last long and that we are in for some very tough times. The storm that is coming is so great, that it will shake the very foundation of peoples believes and the government knows it.

In order to reduce all of those questions to it’s most simplest form, let’s start with a very basic question, what is the foundation of any economy? You will find all sorts of definitions but I am going to tell you the most accurate one. The foundation of any economy, regardless of technology, regardless of race, creed or religion is human capital (people)! Without people, there is no economy, it is the number one ingredient of any economy. This is a simple truth that you must understand, no people, no people to make, sell or buy. It is a fundamental truth that all too often gets ignored. By understanding this one simple truth you will be able to tell who is and is not lying to you.

If you want proof as to which countries have the strongest economies right now, just look at which countries have a growing population and which have a decreasing population and you will see that the countries with the strongest economies have the most people and the countries that have the weaker economies have a slowing or declining population. Countries like China, India, Brasil, have some of the strongest and growing economies, while countries like Spain, France, Italy have the weakest economies. Notice I did not include the US, that is because the US is teetering between the two.

You see, the US is in a rather unique position, in that it is the largest country to have had a “baby boom” generation. I know you have heard of it, that 15-20 year period right after WWII? The US was really the only country that had a sudden and I mean sudden spike in child birth, other countries may have had larger birth rates but none had such an up tick like the US. This Baby boom is mostly responsible for the economic prosperity that followed the war. Now, depending on who you listen to, the number of baby boomers is somewhere between 50 to 60 million. For simplicity sake, we will use the conservative figure of 50 million.

Now, this BB generation came of age in the sixties and seventies, they were part of the sexual revolution in the sixties, they embraced the birth control pill and eventually succumbed to legalized abortions on demand. When the “Pill” was approved in 1960, the birth rate took a nose dive in the US and never rebounded.

US Birth Rate Graph

To maintain a population level, you must have at least 2.0 children per woman of child bearing age. More than that and you increase the population, of course less than 2.0 and the population will start to decrease. Technically, you must have 2.1 in order to compensate for early deaths, people going into religious life and for couples who are unable to conceive in order to maintain a population level.

So the question is this, how can you have a falling birth rate yet have a growing population if in 1960 the US population was 179 million and at the same time the birth rate took a dramatic nose dive and the population of the US in 2013 is now 319 million? The answer is two fold, one is that people stopped dying! The medical field has been able to increase the average life expectancy to around 80 years of age, compared to the average life expectancy in 1960 which was about 68 years. The second reason is very simple, immigration took over where birth rates left off!


US Life Expectancy

US Immigration

US Immigration

Now here is where the problem starts to show, because the US has basically reduced it’s birth rate to barely replacement level since the mid 1970’s, there has been little to no organic growth. In other words, the growth that the US has had is mostly due to Immigration and longer life span. Since everyone dies at some point, US will loose 50 Million plus baby boomers in a very short time frame. This is where we are at this very moment, the very beginnings of the decline in population of the United States.

Did you ever hear the words, “aging population”, this is one of the first signs that a population in a particular region is in decline. Aging population refers to the average age of the people. This means that there are more older people than younger people. In other words, the younger people have decided not to reproduce, many have chosen to kill the family tree when they die. An average age of 35 years or less indicates a stable and growing population while and average age greater than 35 indicates the start of population decline. If the average age is 40 or more, then depopulation is imminent. See US Details (

I ask one of the most important questions that once again we must reduce to it’s most simplest form; what happens when an economy of 320 million people, looses 50 million of those people in a short amount of time? Let’s look at what 50 million people really is, they are about 50/50 split between male and female. One can deduce that the majority of these are married, this would mean approximately 25 Million households. Now lets say that of those 25 Million, 20 Million actually own their homes. What will happen when those people pass on and their descendants try to rent or sell their homes, who is going to rent or buy them? Let’s add more to this equation, the US has had a divorce rate of close to 50% for over 30 years, now what happens when a couple divorces that has been married for at least five or more years? How about an additional residence, additional oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer, everything doubles. In fact, there is no larger waste of electricity, water, building materials, resources in general than divorce, yet you never hear the environmentalists decrying the high divorce rate. But there is more, many of those Baby Boomers have second homes or vacation rentals as well. The number of housing to households is already out of proportion, as an example, California has roughly 115 Million households yet there are 131 Million housing units!

US Population Divorce Rate 1950-2004

2008 is the first year that the BB’s officially start to retire and the rate is now at roughly 10,000 people retiring every month. So the Chain reaction has begun. If you figure that in 2008 the BB’s started to retire, that would mean that those retirees were at east 62 years of age. By 2016, this would put them at age 70. This is the reason that you hear so much about 2016 and 2020 but hear very little about why! By 2016, the BB’s are predicted to start passing away at an alarming rate. The Government knows all of this and they are preparing for the worst. When you here about “zombie attack training”, they are referring to rioters and chaos like what you see in Greece today. They have only two weapons to combat this coming calamity. One is immigration, to legalize the 15 to 20 Million illegal aliens to try to stem the tide. The other is to keep people from marrying, marriage tends to consolidate costs, by sharing all of the resources. But the latter also has a benefit to the Progressive movement and that is population control. This is one of the main reasons for “gay marriage” (a misnomer if there ever was one), cohabitation, the destruction of the family. The Progressive agenda is one to depopulate the world, not just the US. And we will touch more on this in a moment. Back to the immigration issue, even if they are successful in the giving them amnesty, it really won’t make much of a difference, they are already integrated into the economy, the benefits will be marginal. This why every President since and including Ronald Reagan has been trying to legalize the illegals, they have known for a very long time the impending problem. Think about it, what other topic can both parties agree on that needs to be addressed? Now, what is happening is the political machine is kicking in, the race to win those new potential voters is on. Do not think for a moment that the Parties or Government care about illegal immigrants because they do not. They see them as a voting block, they group them into manageable groups like “latinos”, or “South Americans” to keep them from having their own identity. It is a disgusting thing to say to a person, you are not Argentinian, you are a Latino. You are not a Mexican, you are a Latino, you are not a Honduran, you are a Latino etc. How people can allow themselves to be grouped into a generic and faceless lump of a voting block is beyond me. If you originate from any country south of the US, do not allow yourself to loose your identity, do not become part of the machine!

Back to the Progressive movement, it is my opinion that the greatest threat to mankind today is Progressivism. I sincerely believe that because Progressives do not know what they are progressing to, it is progress for the sake of progress. Their believes in a godless society causes them to see the Earths resources as unsustainable to the human population. They see man evolving to a super human, this is where “Superman” comes from. They have an abnormal obsession with vegetarianism, in other words, they prefer to kill plants instead of animals. But the best way to describe the Progressive movement is like “that guy” at the buffet table that hordes as much as he can fit on his plate because of the fear that there will not be anything left after everyone eats. This Progressive movement has taken up the cause that there is too many people on the Earth and have set plans in place from the early 1900’s to combat the growth of the human population. These plans include abortion, birth control and coercion into sterilization. I will not get into the details of all of these, one has to only search the web to find all you need to know.

What we are seeing in America is what Europe has been going through for the last 30 years. Europe has been dying slowly and the countries did not have enough people to sustain themselves, so they united into the EU. This reason more than any other is the reason the EU came about. But even this was only a bandaid because the Europeans have stopped reproducing. Italy is at a birth rate of 1.4, Germany at 1.3, Spain 1.3. But even if a country says that they are growing, you must look closer at the data, for instance Canada claims a 1% growth but when you look at their own stats, if is from immigration, they have a 1.6 birth rate.

Canada Growth

So, like everything else in the news media, they never tell you the whole story, so now you know more about what is really going on. Time to research more for yourself and plan for the future with real facts.


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