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Catholic Answers is not interested in the truth about the state of the Catholic Church in America! It has been over six months since I was banished from the Catholic Answers Forums for posting “anti-catholic” material.

Catholic Answers ForumsI intentionally have waited to post my take on this in order to stay somewhat objective. I had been a member of CAF for over nine years, my member number was two hundred and eighty-five. I posted a link to my blog post on the Forums and immediately the forum moderator started chopping and hacking my posts.  Any one who can read can read that the material I posted was not fabricated in my mind but direct quote from Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), hosted on the Georgetown University website.

CAF has not deleted my profile, you can still visit the page: It will probably be deleted if someone finds this post!

But why would one of the countries most trusted and respect Catholic Apologetics ministries want to suppress the truth? For a doctor to not tell the patient the extent of their sickness would put such a physician in a state of being a derelict in their duties as a doctor. The layman’s term  for this is a quack! But for some reason, CA found this to be “anti-catholic”, which is a strange and odd accusation, one that has a strange and close resemblance to a drunk who refuses to accept the fact that they are a drunk.

I have come to the conclusion that either CA does not want to acknowledged this truth about the state of the Church, or they already know.

Full disclosure; I have donated to Catholic Answers in years past.




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