Vatican II is a disaster! Catholic Church statistics

The Second Vatican  Council and its effects.



We hear in the Acts of the Apostles, during Pentecost, that 3000 souls were Baptized due to the preaching by the Apostles, whom the Holy Ghost fell upon.  The Church continued to grow from that day on. The Roman Empire was conquered not by the sword but by the blood of the Martyrs. Israel was waiting for the Messiah who would free them from the bondage of the Romans and our Lord Jesus fulfilled this with His Church.  The Church embrace her commission to “Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”, and spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus to the four corners of the world.


The missionaries traveled to unknown lands and suffered untold hardships and setbacks to spread the Gospel and they could do this only because the Holy Ghost was sent to their aid by our Lord Jesus who was ever present in the Eucharist with them. Even in the New World that was predominately a Protestant country, the Church not only survived but flourished, to the point that in the 1950’s, the highest rated TV program was a 30 minute show with a Catholic Bishop by the name of Bishop Fulton Sheen, talking to the viewers. Can you imagine  that today, a Catholic Bishop having a number one rated TV show?

In 1965, with the closing of the Second Vatican Council, everything changed and by 1970 the Church stopped evangelizing and our Lord “withdrew Grace from His Church” as Father Malachi Martin used to put it. During the reign of Pope Paul VI, after the Vatican II changes, to the his death in 1978, Pope Paul VI released more than 30,000 priests from their Priestly vows. And the Church has been in a downward spiral ever since.

I will now present the evidence to back up my statements! Click on the image to enlarge..

Here you see the population growth compared to the Catholic population. In 50 years, the Church in the US grew from 24% to 27% of the population, with the general population practically doubling in the same time period. But this is not even real growth because like the a large portion of the Catholic population is in the Baby Boomer Generation and that generation has had a rather large increase in life span. Read more about that here.

In the next 10 to 15 years, 10 million plus Catholics will pass away in the US, dropping the number of Catholics to well under 20 %.US_Population_Chart


A simple comparison of the number of parishes clearly shows that we now have less parishes than in 1965! Do you feel crowed in your church, this is why, the consolidation of parishes because they are not really building new ones and are tearing down the empty ones and using the money to pay for the sex abuse settlements.Parishes_Graph

Here, you see the devastation of Vatican II, the ridiculous number priests that now hear the call of the vocation, ordinations seminarians and parishes with no priest.Priests_graph





The decline in religious life…ReligiousBrothers_Graph



Decline in number of Catholic schools.Schools_Graph


When a doctor looks at a patient that is ill, they will usually look for what the trigger/cause in order to know what treatment to prescribe. It is very clear and evident that the Body of Christ is ill, and when one looks to the cause it is also clearly evident that the Changes instituted by Pope Paul VI, especially the changes in the Mass and the Vatican II teachings, is the wormwood that is infecting the Body of Christ.

It is time to return to the Church as it was before Vatican II, repent of our sins and do penance like the Mother of the Church came to warn us about in the apparition at Fatima, Portugal.

May our Lord Jesus have Mercy on us!

Mary pray for us.


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10 thoughts on “Catholic Church statistics (Vatican II is a disaster!)

  1. Robert

    The Disaster was NOT Vatican II. It was the way the world influenced many to believe what they wanted to believe about Vatican II that was the disaster. Thank God for Popes John Paul II and Benedict for clarifying what Vatican II really did mean. And just let us pray that Pope Francis will bring in the true Evangelical Spirit of Vatican II that preaches the Gospel to all the world in a way that is clear and precise as well as merciful and loving!

    1. Trainwreck 404

      Horse manure. Vatican II threw out 2000 years of Holy Tradition and replaced the Catholic Mass with a banal, man-centered invention in place of it. Tabernacles have been put in other rooms or off in a corner, the Eucharist is now handled by lay people, priests are no longer manly men standing for the Faith and what’s right, today’s priests are politicians, pussies or homos!

        1. Trainwreck 404

          Really?? The Eucharist is the CENTER of Novus Ordo? You’re going to tell me that when Latin Rite “church music” has degraded to a from of entertainmant and in many “Catholic” Churches the ONLY MAN at the altar is the priest with altar girls, female lectors, Eucharistic “ministers” and such? Where the Mass is a MAN-CENTERED form of pseudo-worship rather than God-centered? The priest or bishop does not take the place of Christ. Remember, at the Last Supper, all the Apostles were facing Christ Himself. The priest or bishop should be facing Christ in the Tabernacle.

        2. Trainwreck 404

          Even then-Cardinal Ratzinger, in his book, “The Spirit of the Liturgy,” complained that long standing Holy Tradition was put aside for a “banal, man-centered form of worship,” “….a break in the law of liturgical growth…”

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