The FlatFrancis cartoon, hidden masonic imagery and symbolism!

The FlatFrancis cutout!

This ridiculous image of “Pope Francis” comes from the Catholic Extension here:  http://www.flatfrancis.org/

The demonic “RED EYES“… and he appears to be wearing lipstick.



Notice the Cross is not centered! Count the pixels on the zoomed in image of the cross.Selection_318Selection_320


Here you have two hidden Masonic symbols, both of the Square and Compass!  First, the chain holds the Cross, is in the form of beads to hide the fact that it forms the Square and compass with the collar.

Then, the strange shaped mouth also forms the Square and Compass with his hairline. Notice the nose is in the shape of a G!flat1 flat2 flat3



Mr. William Tapley did a great video for me because I did not have time to do it.


2 thoughts on “FlatFrancis Cartoon Hidden Masonic symbols

  1. Mary

    Since the present Pope is probably the false prophet, does this affect the standing of our good priests, not the homosexuals? do you think Pope Benedict is the real pope and I see others are saying he is bad too as he was in the Nazi youth group?

  2. GC

    The map with a “cross” in it looks very strange too.

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