So the “Pope” goes to Sarajevo and the signs have hidden 666.


Here is one of the banners/signs that was made for the visit from Pope Francis. Seems harmless enough?

Well, one has to look closer to see the hidden imagery that is being presented to you. No one chooses an image to present to the public without meaning.
An image is after all worth a thousand words.

Pay attention to the images being presented to you, beware of what these images are saying! You can view more of these images from the Twitter Feed:


Now, let’s look closer:

  • The rope like design has 18 distinct center lines, divided by 3 equals 666.
  • In between each pair of two lines is the “all seeing eye”.
  • The Pope arrived on June, 6 2015, In numerology, zeros do not count, 1+5= 6, so the pope arrived on 6,6,6
  • The Dove of Peace is fleeing
  • What is with the yellow triangle, Yellow is a papal color and the triangle is a masonic symbol

Pope In Sarajevo 666


So the Papal staff with the deformed Christ breaks…symbolic?

Popes Staff Breaks

Popes Staff Breaks


One thought on “Pope in Sarajevo Signs 666

  1. Rescued By Mary

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I must draw your attention to the latest HOAX that is being perpetrated on the American people by those in the News Media and continuing to be propagated by Mike Matt and Chris Ferrara at Remnant News a Traditional Latin Catholic Group Etc…

    The following is my attempt to persuade Matt and Ferrara to stop spreading this smack around as if it were true. I posted on their Blog Site using Disqus.

    Rescued By Mary 14 hours ago Removed

    Detected as spam???

    Why Matt? Chris?

    You’ve got to know this is a fraud… You just have to… Come on!

    Look – If you two are in any way involved with the promotion of this HOAX or any other that I have warned you about, I will expose you..

    I just can’t believe that you are that stupid. Maybe so, but I need to give you the benefit of the doubt. As the last final frontier for the Catholic Traditional Movement is saddens me that you could be so easily hoodwinked by these people. Have you really been gamed by this motley crew in Dallas??? REEAAALYY Chris?? Tell me it ain’t so…

    Look, there are people seriously considering the Traditional Catholic Church as a means of Salvation for themselves and their family and they are watching you very closely and you do this!! Why? Why, man? They are going to shine you off as idiots if you keep this up.
    Ya hear me? Please guys. I am Catholic and go the Latin Mass with my family and I’m begging you to stop all this. Please.



    Rescued By Mary Chris Ferrara 18 hours ago Removed

    No Chris,

    I told Matt. And I hope you read it.

    This is a HOAX!! Will you and Matt please listen to me?!?!?

    Look at the names in the story.

    Written by Weiss, Hunt, Tom Fox.

    Harris is the former DA. Craig Watkins – real name, and that’s his brother as the lawyer.
    All bull**it made up for the press!!!

    Your a LAWYER CHRIS and you’ve been games by these people?!?

    YOU should be ashamed of yourself, really.

    Come on man. Wake UP!!!!!!


    Rescued By Mary

    Rescued By Mary 19 hours ago Removed


    This is Tracy Morgan’s kid. O.k? Please wake up man.

    Tracy Morgan

    Can I give you some homework? Google – Tracy Morgan children

    Much Love


    Rescued By Mary

    Rescued By Mary 19 hours ago Removed


    Please. This is a HOAX, man! You must know this… You must..

    You’ve got to stop believing everything you see on the T.V. Matt. Please.

    I’m going to show you who these people are, O.k?? Just give me a little time.



    Please. Somebody wake up and stop believing everything that you see on the T.V. over here in the States. This story is a Giant Hoax. It is obvious.

    This is Tracy Morgan’s child playing his part in the Hoax. And the Remnant is going on and on about it as if it were true! This must stop, NOW!!!

    I Rebuke Matt and Ferrara today. They are either in on the fraud or they are incredibly stupid men…


    I’m sorry, but this has got to STOP!


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