Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Unknown Catholic Truth - I was recently presented with something that I can only describe as life changing! An acquaintance, said that he wanted to share something with me but that I had to be willing to contemplate all that was going to be given to me and to be prepared to changed! I accepted the the USB pen drive, popped it in my computer, opened the drive and clicked on the "Click_Me.html" file. 

All I can say is WOW! ...WOW! My fellow Catholics, if you want to strengthen your Faith, this is for you, but be warned,  it will change your life!

Every baptized Catholic should/needs to be exposed to this! The USB says to copy it and give it to another Catholic, but I decided to also make it available online!

I analyzed the contents of the USB and it is just simple html pages with audio and video, very simply laid out with basic navigation, this worked with in Linux and Mac OSX, did not try it on Windows, but I see no reason it should not work on Windows machines, just use Firefox or Chrome.

Click on the blue buttons to download the file directly or use the torrent file, if you do not know what a torrent file is, use the Zip file to download.

Once you download the file, using the torrent or direct download, unzip the folder and open the newly extracted folder called "WHAT IS TRUTH" and click on the "Click_Me.html" file.

Go through all 9 pages!!!!

Unknown Catholic Truth

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