The Jewish Sabbath,

The Sabbath - Sundown to Sunday

Sundown to Sunday


An overview/meditation on the Jewish Sabbath and how it relates to the Christian life, especially to the Catholic Christian. What is the Sabbath, why we need to know the Sabbath and yet as Christians are no longer bound by it. Yet, it  is still valid for the some Jews but not for Christians. Very Scripturally based and includes a copy of John Paul II Apostolic Letter; Dies Domini (The Lords Day)

The first half of this book takes you through a scriptural apologetics of how and why the Jewish Sabbath is not longer binding. Because the Jewish Sabbath is a Covenant, the Covenant is fulfilled when one of the parties involved dies. The ending or fulfilling of the Jewish Covenant is also directly tied to the dietary law which also ended/fulfilled by the death of Jesus Christ.
As Catholics, we do not look at the old Covenant as being done away with but as being fulfilled. This is a key point in understanding why Catholics do not abide by many of the Jewish Laws, after all, our Lord did say “I have not come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it”.

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