Catholic Church Statistic

Catholic Church Statistics – 2014 (Fruits Of Vatican II)

Catholic Church Statistics, If anyone tells you that the Catholic Church is growing in the US, they are lying to you! There is no “spring time” in the Church, it is stuck in the dead of winter!

These numbers clearly show a Church that is dying so fast that it boggles the mind. The “fruits of Vatican II” is death! See for yourself!

There are more priests dying than are coming in, since 1965 the church has lost over 70% of religious sisters. there are 3500 parishes that do not have a priest! If you want to know why there are so many parishes closing watch this video!

The numbers speak for themselves, the Church is in a state of apostasy, every year two thirds of the baptized will never make it to the Sacrament of Marriage. See for yourself, take the number of Baptisms for a particular year, then see how many First Holy Communions were performed seven years later. Then see how many Confirmations were performed seven years after that. Then seven years later see how many Marriages were performed.



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