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A Most Diabolical Disorientation

St Peter Keys


Pope Paul VI Sister Lucy

A Most Diabolical Disorientation

The Disobedience of the Catholic Church


A most diabolical disorientation indeed! This is what Sister Lucia referred when confronted about all of the changes in the in the Church in the late Sixties early Seventies;

“With so many changes going on in the Church since Vatican II, faithful Catholics and friends reported to Sister Lucy, strange activities of various clergymen, bishops and priests. The Catholic faithful knew that something was wrong. And so they asked Sister Lucy for her advice on this. She explained that it is diabolical disorientation. The devil is behind it, she said, and the devil has misled many people, surprisingly even bishops and Cardinals; and although she has not said it, maybe even the Pope himself.” (Taken from the Summer, 2006 Issue, THE FATIMA CRUSADER)