Third Secret of Fatima Never Meant To Be Released

Our Lady Of Fatima

Third Secret Of Fatima

The Three Shepherd Children of Fatima


Third Secret of Fatima was never going to be released before the Great Tribulation that our Lady warmed us about in Fatima, Portugal. What I am about to show you will not be easy for most of you to grasp at first. There will be a certain amount of cognitive dissidence that will set in at first but in time it will wear off, if you so choose.

Unknown Catholic Truth

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Unknown Catholic Truth - I was recently presented with something that I can only describe as life changing! An acquaintance, said that he wanted to share something with me but that I had to be willing to contemplate all that was going to be given to me and to be prepared to changed! I accepted the the USB pen drive, popped it in my computer, opened the drive and clicked on the "Click_Me.html" file. 

All I can say is WOW! ...WOW! My fellow Catholics, if you want to strengthen your Faith, this is for you, but be warned,  it will change your life!

Off Of The Bone Ribs In Oven

Babyback Ribs

Off Of The Bone Ribs In Oven

My recipe for cooking in oven instead of BBQ for off of the bone goodness!
For this one I used pork babyback ribs, but you can use beef ribs as well.
Why slave over a BBQ for hours, when you could be sitting on the couch
with a beer perusing YouTube videos?

Total cook time, about 4 hours.