Why God did not destroy Adam and Eve


Why God did not destroy Adam and Eve after the fall!

It is an accusation that is leveled at Christians by non-believers, why didn’t God just destroy Adam and Eve instead of allowing so much suffering and death in the world? The underlying assumption of such a question is that God is a cruel and unjust God, but I aim to show that He is infinitely good and just.

If you will, picture in your mind a tree and imagine that tree being cut down. You stand there looking at that tree, you look at it from one end to another, and you ask, what will this tree be? The reality is that the tree is now just a tree. But the tree has within it, the potential to be a chair, a table or a latter, or even a cross. This is what is called potency. The mere fact that the tree is, gives it the potential to be what it can be.

Another example; let us say that I am a twenty year old man, not married and a Catholic, in potency, I could be Pope, probably not going to happen, but the potential is there. I fulfill the requirements for becoming the Pope of the Church that Jesus established, a male, unmarried and a Catholic in good standing,

You get the idea, but now let’s revisit the tree, if the tree that was cut down and it had potency to become what it could possible be, then would not the seed from which it came also have that same potential? If you answered yes, then you now understand why God, the Father could not destroy Adam and Eve, for between them both, they carried the potential to bring forth children and each child also carries it’s potential. Each child that was born of Eve, had the potential to not disobey God like their parents.

If God had destroyed Adam and Eve, He would have sentenced all of Eve’s children and all of their children to death and that would have been truly unjust. God could not do that, He knows every child conceived, and He knows them intimately. This is why God told Jeremias (Jeremiah)

“Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee”.

Jeremias 1,5 (DRB)

For the sake of the unborn, God did not destroy Adam and Eve because God is pro-life, He created life and he wants those who were created in His image and likeness to be pro-life. He tells us this directly in Sacred Scripture;

“I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live: “

Dueteronomy 30,19 (DRB)

Abortion is the opposite of just, it is the opposite of good, for it seeks to destroy the potential of the future, it seeks to deny God His plan to save all of those that would serve and honor and love God. For anyone that has had or helped in an abortion, healing and forgiveness can be found and it can only be found in Jesus Christ, the way, the Truth and the Life.

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