October 13th 2017


This is the most important video you will ever watch!!



October 13th, 2017 to December 01, 2017 is 50 days.

Israeli War of 1967 to 2017 = 50 years

15. You shall count therefore from the morrow after the sabbath, wherein you offered the sheaf of the first fruits, seven full weeks.
16. Even unto the marrow after the seventh week be expired, that is to say, fifty days, and so you shall offer a new sacrifice to the Lord.

8. Thou shalt also number to thee seven weeks of years, that is to say, seven times seven, which together make forty-nine years:
9. And thou shalt sound the trumpet in the seventh month, the tenth day of the month, in the time of the expiation in all your land.
10. And thou shalt sanctify the fiftieth year, and shalt proclaim remission to all the inhabitants of thy land: for it is the year of jubilee. Every man shall return to his possession, and every one shall go back to his former family



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